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Horizon Microtech Private Limited is manufacturing electrical panels to meet the toughest quality standards and are subject to rigorous manufacturing processes that are as follows:

For Certification:

- CPRI Test Certificate at 50KA for 1 sec
- ISO 9001 under implementation stage

For Sheet metal and Painting:

Sheet metal parts are purchased from steel authority of India and checked for the thickness at the time of buying. Loading and unloading of the sheets are done in strict supervision of HMPL employee to ensure that no damage is to sheet while it is in transportation.

Once the Panel is fabricated as per the approved drawing, it is subject to either Seven tank process or Sand blasting Process to make the sheet metal free from rusting, greasing. During seven tank process, hot phosphating is done.

Once the sheet metal is through to above process, the two coats of Zinc rich primers are applied on the Panel. After applying two coats of Primer, the sheet metal parts are washed and then fine finishing is given to it by grinding paper. Putty is used to feel up the patches and then Epoxy based surfacer is coated on the Panel. After applying surfacer, that is kept for drying. Once the drying is done, the paint ( as per customer's specifications such as PU, epoxy ) is applied on the sheet metal for two times.

After the paint is done the quality team inspect the paint quality and then give their decision for the panel assembly activity.

For Electrical Parts:

All the incoming material are checked for the manufacturing defects and functional test. Wherever required H V test is performed on the individual component. Once this components are checked they are tagged for OK or rejected part. The rejected part is kept in separate rack and OK material is sent in the store.

For Panel manufacturing:

Once the sheet metal enclosure is ready assembly is done as per the drawing. When the panel is ready the outgoing quality control on the panel will be done. In this, mainly H V test and megger test is performed on the panel along with functional test for specific requirement and interlock, if any. Based on the test result, the panel is sent to the customer when the same is OK.

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